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Wack-o-Magic Presents: MIS-MADE MONSTER

The Mis-Made Monster brings The Old Timey Strat-o-Sphere/ Joker Tube to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!

Mis-Made Monster allows, for the very first time, a clever story - that makes sense!

The first step in the routine, written by Author/ Consultant Walt Anthony, involves a monster dropped piece by piece into Frankenstein’s Castle. It is revealed that the Monster is magically re-stacked into the wrong order with his head on the bottom. During the second step, his head moves to the center of the stack. Finally his head vanishes in a thunderstorm disguised as a thin silk and reappears properly placed on the top of his body safe and sound.

The props are 100% handmade and hand painted by one of the top Makeup Effects artists in Hollywood, one by one. Each is painted uniquely and finished, making them collectable and rare! The amount of care that goes into manufacturing these props is staggering. You’ll be proud to own one, and flaunt your routine! Not only is it a great collectors item.. but one you can USE. What’s the point of buying magic if it’s going to sit on your shelf?

“It’s the highlight of my show YEAR ROUND!!” -Leif David




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