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Wack-O Innovative Magic and Walt Anthony present A FRIVOLOUS WISH. Business card magic with a souvenir gift!

A Frivolous Wish. Wack-O Innovative Magic’s first e-Trick. You’ll get it in your e-mail box, not your regular mailbox!

The magician shows a small card illustrated with Genii Lamp pouring forth a swirl of magical smoke. His spectator signs the card, “rubbing the lamp,” and makes A Frivolous Wish.

When their card is turned over the Genii has granted their desire, and the magician presents the souvenir card to them. Conveniently customized with your website or email address!

Your set includes:
Detailed instructions, and WALT ANTHONY’S original story presentation.
A set of customized ready-to-print illustrated business card templates as a PDF file.

Just provide your Website URL or your business Email Address!
Everything is emailed to you the same day you purchase.

All is prepared in convenient PDF Format, ready to print out at home and perform. We even give the best Avery card stock # so you can get to the store and print some right away!

The method is classic but the design is new!
The story is original, quick, and amusing!
The magic is fun and strong!

It’s a great way to introduce yourself as a magician, break the ice, leave them with a small gift (and a way to contact you for future bookings!)

You’ll enjoy and I honestly think you’ll make the routine a permanent part of your close-up and walk-around repertoire.

Only $12.95 for your complete e-set! Each is customized with a website or email address. It will arrive in your e-mail box within 24 hours after you order it!

Get started today. Impress your clients and get more shows.


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