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Wack-o-Magic Presents: WHAT'S IN THE BOX!?

Borrow a phone. Hand the owner a FEDEX Box. Tell some jokes. Talk about electronic recycling. The phone vanishes. Their phone is called, and the box rings! The box holder pulls open the tab on the SEALED box. Packing supplies are taken out of the box; stuffing, bubble wrap, and finally an envelope. The envelope is ripped open and their phone is there!

Yes, it’s that straight forward. Yes, THEIR phone is ringing INSIDE the box.The box they’ve been holding since the routine started. The “dirty work” is done before you hand them the Fedex box. The magician does it all while on stage with no backstage help, no fumbling, and with speed so fast that magicians I’ve shown the secret to say positive things with words that I mostly can’t repeat.

It’s fast. It’s clean. When they hear their phone ring in the box, they’re going to say “Holy $#%! That’s my PHONE in the box!!”


The Talk Of The Town!

”This is a brilliant and deceptive device to get a cell phone into a sealed Fedex Box. I love that it’s a really Fedex box and it literally takes 2 seconds to load the phone in the box. Kudos to you Michael Mosher. I highly recommend this product." -Mike Hammer, Las Vegas Magician

"That was a super-fast load!” -David Regal Inventor, Performer and Consultant

I highly recommend this!!” -Ken Scott

“You should be selling this for $1200” - Rodney Reyes

"This product is the best thing I've purchased in YEARS. When you are a full-time pro and you're doing a borrowed object to impossible location routine, the suitability in terms of method boils down to: (1) Is the load fast? (2) Is the load practical for real word conditions? (3) Is the set-up / reset a pain? In terms of all three points, this blows away my best hopes. It's so fast, as seen on the demo videos, but the real surprise was the ease and speed of set-up. Just a dream. I can't wait to begin working on this. Not only is the method spectacular but the fact that the borrowed item is a cell phone as opposed to a signed bill or card elevates this to near miracle status. Perfect for the solo performer: no need to go back stage. A perfect 10 out of 10!” -Chris Johnson

What's In OUR Box?

Comes with 2 sample FEDEX boxes, 2 alternate boxes and a link to buy more if you can’t get Fedex boxes, the gimmick, 2 e-waste phone vanishing envelopes, sample manilla envelopes, bubble wrap, two other “things”, a razor knife, and a pack of tinfoil sheets for an alternative ending. There are both written AND video instructions on a Thumb Drive.

Price is just $425 plus $16 shipping in the USA. Contact me or orders outside the USA as the boxes can be VERY hard to get.


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